Sassy Seat Baby Door Bouncer

Most of us decide which product to buy based upon how much it is worth – but when it comes to our children we also take into consideration how safe it is. Sassy Seat is not the most well known brand for baby door bouncers – but it did make the list and for good reason. This particular model is easy to install to the door frame.

What makes this so appealing to parents is that it uses a locking system that helps to keep it firmly in place. With this mechanism you will feel more comfortable allowing your child to use this without having the constant fear that it might break off and fall. However, even with this safety feature you should never leave your child unattended when they are in it.

Like with most models the seat cover is able to be removed and machine washed. The bouncer is designed for children between the ages of six to twenty-four months. It comes pre-assembled making it easy for you to simply pull out of the box and attach it to the doorway. Make sure that you measure your door frame to make sure that it is not too tall.

Unlike most other types of bouncers, this model is designed with five toys that attach to the jumper and can also be removed. These toys help to keep the child interested in jumping and exercising and in helping their small minds to develop and a few toys to help with teething. You can get between three to five toys. It has been given a rating if 3 ½ stars out of five and costs around $40.