How To Buy The Right One

As parents we do everything in our power to make sure that our children are well provided for. This includes giving them clothes, food, and toys that will help them to develop at a natural pace. Some will invest in toys that will teach them how to speak or even walk. Others will invest in toys that will distract their children enough to allow them to cook dinner or sit down for a few minutes.

One of the best inventions ever made for children is the baby door bouncer. Like the baby swing it provides the child with something that will amuse them for a long or short period of time without any help from the parent. Besides providing your child with fun they also allow them to exercise their legs and encourage them to use them more and more.

Like with anything that you purchase for your child you want to make sure that it is safe to use. You would not just choose any type of toy for your child knowing that it might hurt them in some way. It is essential to know what to look for and what type of brand you should be looking at.

Age And Weight

Every thing for children whether it be games or even the food that they eat will have an age requirement on it. This helps to show the parents when their child can use it and when they are too old for it. Every baby door bouncer will have both an age and a weight requirement. However, because only children who cannot walk will be using this it is more helpful to look at the weight restriction. Keep in mind that these hang from door frames and can only handle so much.

Is Your Baby Ready

Never purchase the bouncer and allow your baby to use it before they are ready. They must be able to hold their head up easily and without any help. Most babies are able to do this between the age of three to four months.


Every baby door bouncer should come with a rating for safety, installation, and durability. The more stars it has the better and safer it is for your child to use.


Make sure that the bouncer you choose comes with everything you want and will use. Most will be built with a tray in which you can attach soft toys to it. While this is great for the child keep in mind that it might pinch their fingers.
Measure your door frame to know how long the cord should be. Most are designed to fit the standard size doors and can vary a few inches when necessary.