Graco Baby Door Bouncer

There are many things to consider when it comes to buying certain toys and accessories for our children. The younger they are the more careful we are at buying them something that is made with the best materials and that is safe for them no matter what they are doing. That is why when the parents find a good brand of products they try to stick with them. One name that is trusted among many people is Graco.

Graco is well known for their car seats for infants and young children. They also make baby door bouncers. They understand what kind of safety precautions must be taken when using these activity chairs and they use only the best and strongest materials. Each of their door bouncers are made with a high back nylon seat.

The cover for the seat can be removed easily and washed. This makes it easy to keep the whole thing clean if your baby ever spits up inside of it. Unlike some models these are made to be soft all around so that it will protect your child and the wood on the door frame.

The basic Graco bouncers cost around $30. They are easy to install and will provide your little one with hours of fun. To make things more fun for your child you can purchase one that comes with a play tray. This is situated in front of the child and allows them to play with certain toys while they bounce. This will usually cost around $40 to $50.

If the play tray is not enough to keep your child’s attention than you can purchase the musical mat. This is placed underneath the bouncer and allows your child to make music and to learn to identify each note. It is also great to use when you have hardwood floors and you want your child to jump on something soft. The mat and bouncer will cost around $60.