Evenflo Baby Door Bouncer

There are many big name brands when it comes to products that we buy for our children. One that stands out in our minds is Evenflo. For many years they have produced car seats that are designed to keep our children safe. Understanding how to keep children safe is something many brands understand – but Evenflo go farther and designs activity units that help children to grow and develop.

They have shown just how imaginative and unique their products can be with their baby door bouncers. The Evenflo baby door bouncer is marketed as a ‘portable infant exerciser’. It encourages infants to move their legs and give them the strength they will latter need in order to walk.

The bouncer is designed with adjustable straps that makes it easy for your children to continue to use it while they grow. It also comes with a removable, washable seat. It holds infants up to twenty-four pounds and is also designed with a loop in which soft toys can attach to it.

Installing it is easy and can be done in minutes. Their models are designed with a sturdy door frame clamp that are able to be secured on to doorways that are at least 3” thick. If the doorway is more than 6” thick than the bouncer cannot be safely attached.

This product has been given a rating of four out of five stars and costs around $20. You can purchase it in fun colors and designs to suit any child. Make sure that you read the instructions and safety warnings to make sure that your child is within the proper weight limit.