Door Bouncers Vs. Baby Gyms

How many times have you stood in toys ‘r us trying to decide on what new item to get for your growing baby. When we buy anything we want it to be safe and entertaining for them. Lets admit it. We buy a door bouncer so that our child can be distracted from us and we can sit down for a second and clean or just relax.

There are many things that we can use in order to accomplish this. Some parents believe that door bouncers are the best while others prefer the baby gyms. Allow us to compare the two for you and help you to decide on the best one to get for your child.

Door Bouncer Features

The baby door bouncer provides your child with a way for them to exercise and strengthen all of the muscles in their back, arms, legs, and abdomen. These are designed just like a harness and attach to any door frame. Your baby will enjoy having the freedom to move about like this even if they aren’t actually going anywhere and it encourages them to walk at an earlier age.

Many of these will come with a tray that has toys attached to it. Spend a bit more money and the tray will have lights and sound. Now you are helping your child to learn to identify the colors and sounds around them.

Baby Gym Features

The baby gym is an activity center that is placed over a mat or an inflatable base. It curves over the child and allows them to play with it while they are sitting up or laying on their backs. Attached to the bars are toys that hang from it. You can put up stuffed animals, mirrors, or musical toys that sing to them when they move it.

This helps the child to develop their motor skills and is perfect for infants to lay down on to help them sleep. There are some models that have straps used to keep the baby in one place if they try to move around. The downside to this is that it does not encourage movement in much of the body and kids can grow tired of it quickly.