Baby Swing

Baby door bouncers are a great thing to get for your baby – but they are not the only things that will come in handy. Your children cannot use the bouncer until they are a few months old and are able to hold their heads up without any trouble. So what are you to use before than? One of the best things that will come in handy is the baby swing.

Baby swings are stationary and can be situated in any room of the house. They can be used when for your newborn baby and will work until they are just too big for them. Some babies keep using it up until they are almost a year old.


Just like with the door bouncers these help to occupy your child so that you can clean the house, cook dinner, or simply have a few minutes to yourself. These are designed to swing at a pace that you have set it to and some have soft music that will play over their heads.

The most basic models will swing backwards and forwards. However, you can spend a bit more money and find the models that also swing from side to side. My child spent many hours in the swing. It helped to keep her calm and also to give her a comfortable place to take a nap.


Make sure that you set it to a speed that your child can handle. Newborns and especially premature babies should be set on the very lowest of limits. When they are older you can set it a bit higher. This might be better because it will distract them from whatever they were crying about.

Do not leave the child inside of the swing for more than thirty minutes at a time. Some babies will experience dizziness after long periods. If they are asleep try to carefully transport them to their beds. Also make sure that they are strapped in at all times.