Baby Door Bouncer Safety

A primary rule of safety is to only use an item for what it was intended.  The results of violating this rule can be that the user or other people become injured, or, that the item, a baby door bouncer in this case, could be door bouncer safety

First, one should try to completely follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Begin by reading them carefully. Also, one should store them for easy for future reference.

Secondly, be sure that the baby door bouncer is appropriate for the intended user.  This is done by reviewing the maker’s instruction manual and evaluating weight, age, and physical abilities of the child.

Thirdly, one should ascertain that the frame of the door is strong and secure, so that it will the manufacturer’s requirements.

Next, parents should make sure the baby’s toes are the only body part that touches flooring when the baby is using the bouncer.

Very important!!  Parents should never leave their child unattended while allowing the baby to use the door bouncer. Therefore, it is important to always provide supervision of a baby while using a bouncer. We recommended that if parents leave the room for any reason, they should take the baby with them.

The baby using the bouncer must be strong enough to hold head upright unassisted.

It is recommended to only allow a child to use a door bouncer for more than 10-15 minutes at each interval.

Finally, it is important to dis-allow the use of a door bouncer when the child is heavier than recommended by the manufacturer, or, discontinue when the child is able to walk.

Never allow the use of used bouncers because that components of the bouncer will weaken over time and cause safety hazards.

Finally, be sure that children do not bounce too hard in the bouncer.  This can also lead to injury.