Baby Door Bouncer

The old saying that the simplest machines work the best is certainly evident in a baby door bouncer. Having a baby door bouncer was a daddy’s best friend when I was raising my two sons who are now in elementary and middle school.

I recall one particular occasion that was probably the worst day of my career as a parent of a young “crawler.” That is to say, my obaby door bouncerldest son was not yet even a toddler. Oh, he was standing occasionally by himself and often with help, but, he was still in crawl mode for moving from place to place.

Back to that day. Just when a guy plans to have an easy day. I thought I had it all figured out. I would get home from doing some shopping and running errands, of course, taking my oldest son with me. I had to, because, my wife was out of town on some private consulting work. Yes, when I arrived home, I was going to feed him, walk the dog, feed myself, and put my son in the “safe zone.” The “safe zone” was our living room. We had it baby-safe and barricaded all around. I would put him down to play and kick back and enjoy watching some TV.

So, upon arriving, I put him in his high chair upon which he began wailing. As soon as I opened the door to put the dog out, he shot out between my legs. My son starts crying louder as I snatch him up to go and fetch the dog back inside. I had to get the dog because he was like another child to my wife. As I ran after the dog holding my son, my son got angrier and angrier, crying louder. Finally, I was able to get the dog back inside, but, my son would not stop crying.

He only stopped crying when I put him in his bouncer seat. Then I was able to feed him, let him play more in the baby door bouncer seat, and eventually take a nap. What a day. These bouncers are such a lifesaver for when we need to relax, clean, or cook dinner. They also help your children work out their feet. Learn why people choose the Graco baby door bouncer over other brands. Also make sure that you understand door bouncer safety and the proper way to install it.